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Our history

Dayie means "sleep well" in the Ghanaian language Twi, and that's exactly what we want for our children. For pExercise is essential for an infant to develop and grow as it should. When I myself became a mother five years ago, I experienced how hard it can be when one's child is not sleeping. I had a sling cradle, which I almost slid up because my little boy had a hard time going to sleep and only wanted to sleep in motion. I did not sleep at night and I did not sleep during the day. But the worst thing was the feeling I went around with in my heart when I no longer had the surplus to be the mother I so wanted to be.

It made me read a sea of literature on infants and sleep.I was very inspired by Dr. Harvey Karp - an American pediatrician who has made himself an expert in the field. He has written several books on infant sleep and developed a method that improves their sleep. He describes how all infants have an innate calmness reflex that can be activated using "The 5 S's":

1. Swaddle wrapped babyy)

2. Side or stomach position place baby on the side or stomach in your armse)

3. Shush the loud shush sound into the baby's eare)

4. Swing swing baby slowly up and downd)

5. Suck give baby a pacifiert)

Many of these items contain the sling cradle, which is why it is recommended worldwide by tired parents. The only problem I experienced was that one had to manually pull the cradle constantly while the baby was sleeping. As soon as you let go, the baby woke up, and you did not manage to get the break and a little bit of sleep that you longed for.

That is why I decided to find a partner who could help me develop an engine for the sling cradle. An engine would mean that you as a mother or father could get a little respite. It can act as a set of extra hands, which almost all parents would wish they had.

Is there really no other help invented for unhappy babies and tired parents since the stroller 

From the time a child is born until it is a year old, it triples in weight. Sleep is essential for an infant to develop and grow as it should. But sleep is also important for us parents. There is a reason to talk about sleep torture. If we are deprived of our sleep over a long period of time, it can have serious consequences for our health, but also for our profits as good parents towards our children.

As a new parent, you are told to remember to sleep while your baby sleeps. But what do you do when your child, like most babies, only wants to sleep under constant movementse?

That is why we have started production in Ghana

Many of the elements that Dr. Harvey Karp has sought to scientificize is "common sense" in traditional societies. In Ghana, all mothers carry their baby on their backs so that the child is constantly stimulated to calm down.reflex. And precisely because of this, it also made extra good sense to set up the production of our sling cradle in Ghana.

The majority of all textile production in the world takes place in Southeast Asia. Moving textile production to Ghana is a small, but important, step towards a more fair distribution of goods. We work with a small family-run textile factory in southern Ghana, where all employees work under healthy, proper and contractual conditions. The textile factory is known for giving everyone a better chance in life and for creating healthy jobs for the locals. All cotton comes from the cotton fields in the local area and is 100 organic. We very much hope that you will welcome our new products. 

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