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Dayie means"sleep well"in the Ghanaian language Twi, and that's exactly what we want for our babies. That is why we have developed a sling cradle with an automatic cradle motor, so that your baby can fall asleep in the most natural and comfortable way. We have placed great emphasis on design and technology and let ourselves be inspired by the African culture, where they know everything about infants' need for movement when they need to sleep.

That's why we say about our products:

Danish Design - African Logic!

"The automatic bouncer saved my daughter's sleep"

Dayie sling cradle + cradle motor is, by far, the best investment I have made in my maternity leave! The cradle motor is quite easy to hang up and very simple and intuitive to use. I feel not only that the cradle engine has been a huge help for me as a tired mother, but also for my daughter, who has been given the best conditions for a proper sleep, which is so important for her development. I have especially used it in the evening hours where she could only calm down when she was moving, or for the morning nap when, after another bad night, I needed to sleep instead of going with the pram. It has really made a world of difference for our little family, so can really only warmly recommend it to all tired parents - and their equally tired babies.

- Ida Kloster


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