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Combi package:Cradles incl. Digital Cradle Motor and Multi-Spring

Combi package:Cradles incl. Digital Cradle Motor and Multi-Spring

2.799,00 kr 2.899,00 kr

Delivery time: 7-10 days

Buy the combi package, which includes both a cradle, digital cradle motor and a multi-spring. All our cribs can be used from birth until the baby is about 8-10 months old. We recommend that you stop using it when the child can set you up yourself.


The hanging cradles are produced in Ghana from 100 organic cotton. Get more information about the individual cradle by going to the product's own page. The cradle motor can be plugged into a standard 230V socket and rock your baby gently while he sleeps. 


This cradle motor is designed to rock your baby gently in its hammock. If the child is restless or has colic, the engine can act as a set of extra hands. Can be adjusted in 4 speeds. 

It comes with:

  • Either Arthur Hanging Cradle, The Sling Cradle or The Twin Cradle
  • Digital cradle motor with carabiner
  • Remote control
  • Multi-spring 3-18 kilos excl. cotton socksr)
  • Power supply with 3 meter cord


 NB! The discount in the combi package follows the cradle engine!

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