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Cradle motor

799,00 kr

Delivery time: 1-3 business days

Dayie's cradle motor is designed to rock your baby up and down gently in its sling cradle. If the child is restless or has colic, the engine can act as a set of extra hands. It has a tempo regulator that can be set from completely weak to strong cradle and time setting that can be set for up to 120 minutes. The cradle motor must be used together with Dayie's own tension springs, which are specially developed for the cradle motor.  


Weight: 1 kg.

Length: approx. 20 cm

Width: approx. 16 cm

Depth: approx. 16 cm


It comes with:

  • A cradle motor
  • An adapter with 3 meters of white wire
Denmark (DK) - kr.