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Sling cradle in organic cotton (Sky Gray)

2.799,00 kr

Delivery time: 6-8 working days

Our fine sling cradle is produced in a small factory in Ghana. The seamstresses are very skilled and all the cotton is locally woven in Akosombo. There are 100 organic cotton - in Sky Gray. The crossbar is carved in a small local workshop and is made of limba wood, which grows all over Ghana. There are no plastic buttons, but only cotton string to tighten or loosen the end of the cradle. Our luxury spring has extra long travel, so the baby gets the nicest nap when it is gently rocked up and down. 

Size: The sling cradle is 80 cm long and can be used for babies up to 15 kg

It comes with:

  • Sling cradle with sheet of organic cotton and firm mattress
  • Cross stick in light Limba wood
  • Spring upholstered in the same cotton fabric
  • A large carabiner
  • A bag in organic cotton, which the whole set can be in


The hammock can be washed at 30 degrees gentle wash - remember to take the mattress out before washing.

Better sleep

Many parents find that their children sleep better and longer in the cradle because it easily mimics the rocking movements that baby knows from life in the mother's womb. A baby hammock like this one is a good one to own for the first half year with baby or when a 2's or 3's come.

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