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Combi package:Saffron The sling cradle in stone-washed linen incl. Cradle motor

2.899,00 kr

The most delicious sling cradle on the marketr

Buy the whole set with sling cradle and cradle motor in one and save DKK 699 incl. free delivery.

The sling cradle is one of Northern Europe's finest stone - washed flax. Designed and tailored by Danish hands.
The cradle motor can be plugged into a standard 230V socket and rock your baby gently while he sleeps.



Size: The sling cradle is 80 cm long and can be used for babies up to 15 kg

It comes with:

  • Sling cradle in 100 stonewashed linenr
  • Kapok mattress, as well as cover of 100 stonewashed linenr
  • Crossbar in light wood
  • Spring upholstered in the same material flax
  • A large jumbo carabiner
  • A linen bag that the whole set can be in


The hammock can be washed at 30 degrees gentle wash - remember to remove the mattress and crossbar before washing.

Better sleep

Many parents find that their children sleep better and longer in the sling cradle because it easily mimics the rocking movements that baby knows from life in the mother's womb. A sling cradle like this is good to own the first year with baby or when a 2 or 3 comes.


Our cradle motor is designed to rock your baby up and down gently in its sling cradle. If the child is restless or has colic, the motor can act as a set of extra hands. It has a timer controller that can be set from completely weak to strong cradle and time setting that can be set for up to 120 minutes.The cradle motor is compatible with most sling cradles and requires only a sling cradle spring and a standard 230V socket. However, we recommend that it be used with our own spring, which is specially developed to fit with the cradle motor.

NB! When using your cradle motor and spring, it is important that the spring is inflated and does not rattle during the entire operation. If it rattles when you turn up the tempo button, you have too little weight in the cradle and have to either look down or switch to a softer spring.



A spring is not just a spring. Different springs have different travel and softness and work for different weight classes. The spring that comes with the combi set can be used when your baby weighs between 3-8 kilos. Remember that springs wear out over time, so you should be careful about reusing sling cradles with associated used springs. We recommend that you only use our spring together with the cradle motor, so that we can vouch for the function and safety of the cradle motor.



Weight: 1 kg.

Height: 20 cm

Width: 16 cm

Depth: 16 cm

Delivery time:
3-4 days

It comes with:

  • A cradle motor
  • A power supply with 3 meters of white wire

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